Trust in Creation


Trust in Creation

Thursday 20 December 2007

I would like to take this opportunity to also share my own most recent birthing experience, which might well be considered an antithesis of the current technocratic model. I share this story purely as a humble offering to the evolving shift of paradigms.

One clear summer night, I woke up quite surprised to feel mild rushes throughout my body. My child was only due to be born in 3 weeks time… I had always planned (Spirit’s favourite joke) for the birth to be on the farm in the same way my first one came down into the world…

At this particular time I was living in a little traditional Xhosa hut with my companion and my daughter of 3 near a remote costal village. Inside there was just a bed and rudimentary cooking facilities with an outdoor ablutions was a bit further away.

I went outside and gazed into the sky for a long time- her spangled blanket especially intense for me that night… Yet my rational mind remained incredulous that the time had come. I started a little dance between my bed and the “bathroom”, feeling quite restless as my contractions were amplifying. I looked deeply at the sky and asked the universe to give me confirmation that it was to happen tonight. At this very moment a magical shooting star crossed the sky leaving me with a smile of surrender.

I woke my partner who prepared a tea of raspberry leaves at my request.  Each contraction was now pushing me to the earth. Down on all fours, I was interlacing my fingers in the fresh grass…the earth was absorbing my pain and at once refreshing me. It all went so fast… the waves of intensity rushing through my body one after the other…the sky was raining shooting stars and I could hear the ocean in the distance calling my attention.

The arms of my partner were so comfortable to relax into after each rush. We were so in tune with each other… he knew when to remain quiet and when to whisper words of encouragement. In spite of my intense aversion towards his head torch…there was so much love in our dance duo.

And there she came with just a couple of pushes where the earth opened up through my primal sound.

No cry came from her… she was just staring around peaceful and graciously as if she was still in water element. Like her older sister, her cord and placenta were left unscathed- a Lotus Birth.

My first little one slept through the whole event, just metres away. She awoke the following morning to find her little sister asleep in my arms.

This is the story of the birth of Ameo’e, woman of the Milky Way, born in the bush under the stars…

While the external conditions were certainly unusual, I feel that for me the most profound difference is what I experienced internally. Throughout the entire labour (even if it was only three hours) I had a deep sense that I was completely safe and competent. It was like that through my trust and surrender I was tapping into the ancient knowledge of Womanhood.

This passage felt like such a unique opportunity to physically express my growing trust in Creation. My partner says we are consciously shifting from a culture of fear to a culture of true faith. Accepting that we are indeed creators of our own reality, it’s only natural to aspire to evolve, individually and collectively, beyond all fear. What better place to practice than in the birthing arena?

Women, we are birthing our world, our future. Let’s make it drug-free, supportive and conscious. We shape our world as we birth.


Help me as the next generation carves a pathway from my body.


In this space between worlds I link my life and yours


Each physical exertion pushes you towards my arms.


In vigour and action.”

Maori poem by Roma Potiki

by Alex