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Home Birth South Africa was born out of a need and a frustration.

In 2010, we were both working as doulas. As doulas, part of our responsibility is to give mothers information and resources on their birthing choices and option. As home birthers ourselves, it was very frustrating not to be able provide any local information or resources on home birth. And so, it was on the phone one day, when we were yet again complaining to each other about the state of birth in this lovely country of ours, that we suddenly had the idea to start the home birth gatherings.

The first home birth gathering took place in friend and colleague Caitlyn Collins’ garden. It was very informal and mothers, doulas, midwives and interested parties sat in a circle and shared their stories, wishes and questions. The format of the gatherings have not changed much and take place every three months in the Cape Town area.

You will find the latest event here.

This website was born out of the gatherings when we saw a need for a database and a way to share home birth stories and information on a national level.We are so grateful to all the families who have so openly shared their stories and photographs with us. Having local stories to share makes the possibility of home birth within the South African context more real and tangible.


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